Form Meets Functionality

If you've got an eye for detail; if you've got a taste for craftsmanship; if you count on experience, you can count on a Benelave to give you just what you want. Cutting-edge designs that strike the perfect balance between form and functionality. Built that promises durability and smooth operability. Craft that brims with style, simplicity and elegance. Each product marked Benelave is an amalgamation of all these virtues.

A commitment to bring technologically advanced products to every household. A drive to design bath spaces that are relevant and refreshingly new. A vision to be a name that could be trusted relied and banked upon. Benelave draws all this and more from HSIL. Benelave's wide range of luxury bath fittings and accessories are known for its customer centric approach and have been reckoned by architects and designers alike.

From minimalistic and modernistic Sanitarywares to craftily created Basins, Water closets, Urinals and Squatting pans, each Benelave product is a metaphor of aesthetic design coming together with insightful mechanism.

The secret of Benelave's flawless quality and extraordinary design lies in the ceaseless pursuit and investment in its tradition of agile innovation. A few state of the art product features include antibacterial sparkling glaze, anti-splash flushing, eco-friendly dual flush technology and high endurance testing with EWCs tested up to 400Kgs.

Experience a Benelave once, and you will realize that it's not just another assortment of bath products; rather it's the result of a never-ending passion to give you the absolute best.

Express your love with flowers and Showers

Surprised? Flowers may express your love for a day, but a shower goes much further. Because a simple splash of cold water tightens pores, promotes circulation and enhances the vitality of your face. And the best way to express love is through an attractive you.

Benelave, a surprisingly affordable range of faucets, shower products, sanitaryware and bathroom accessories helps you keep your mind on things that matter the most, your relationship.